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Thursday, 20 Jun 2024
HR4 Racking Heavy Duty

HR4 Racking Heavy Duty

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Playing an equally crucial role on the use of Givi boxes is our patented Heavyduty Monorack 4 System, where we fulfill a challenging task in designing our fitting systems and mounting kits, with the upmost sense of responsibility in safety for the rider. As engines of different capacities emanate various frequency levels, such input will generate lateral thrust triggering deformation on the metal parts and transfer potential vibration to the chassis of the bike, therefore endangering the safety of the rider. Employing high precision robotic welding machines and strict quality control on material specification, practical concerns such as dynamic stiffness, structural components and reliability are frequently addressed and tested thoroughly, to ensure that we deliver not only the best and safer fitting kit and more importantly specifically designed for the carrying of our luggage.


PRICE RM120.00

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