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Monday, 03 Oct 2022

Maintenance Service

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 toolsfolderHaving your motorcycle serviced regularly is very important as all modern vehicles have engine management system to help them run optimally for the entire machine lifespan. We offer you this excellent maintenance service, both at the time of purchase or in the case of claims.

Our specialists recommend that the first full service of a new motorcycle is + 500km traveled, second full service and above are every + 2000km traveled. We also provide various kinds of service package, including:

Product-sales-report-641. Full Service

Our experience mechanics will check 23 items on the motorcycle, covering

  1. Free play of the brake
  2. Check brake shoes / discs
  3. Check the wear and tear of tyres
  4. Check the tyres' air pressure
  5. Check the rims / hubs condition
  6. Check the spokes or lansion
  7. Check the steering head's bearing
  8. Check the front suspension
  9. Check the shock absorbers
  10. Check the free play of the clutch
  11. Check the drive chain
  12. Check the engine oil
  13. Check the air cleaner
  14. Check the clearance head and gasket
  15. Check the oil filter
  16. Check the contact point gap or CDI
  17. Check the spark plugs
  18. Check the battery electrolyte or vent tube
  19. Check the carburetor
  20. Check the fuel filter or tube
  21. Check the head or tail lights
  22. Check the turn signal lights
  23. Check the brake light switch


2. Clutch Service

  • This service is provided only for scooter motorcycles.
  • The frequency of this service for Nitro, Comel, Naza, Demak and MZ scooters is every + 12,000 km traveled. As for Suzuki, Yamaha and Modenas, it is + 25,000 km traveled.

Cofigure-643. Top service

  • This service is provided only for moped motorcycles.
  • The frequency of this service for all motorcycle brands is + 8,000 km traveled.

Network_Service-644. Overhaul service

  • Depends on the motorcycle.

We conduct regular campaigns to provide free service check for our valued customers in the Kedah and Perlis area. For further details, please contact our Services Department.