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Monday, 03 Oct 2022

Company Profile

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 1968-1982: From Birth to Maturity

Kok Motor (KM) was incorporated on 1 Jun 1968 and based in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Wilayah Persekutuan. The company was founded by Hai Kong Kuoh and it was set up as a small simple workshop solely by the founder. Kuoh initially built his business by simply providing bikers general motorcycle maintenance and repair service. The simple focus on maintenance and repair service business had eventually helped KM grow and develop as a specialized mechanic workshop.

In order to differentiate his business from other companies, Kuoh started learning and applying a new welding technique on his new venture business – the three-wheeled motorcycle or “side carriage” for local hawkers. In the mid 1970s the small and medium enterprises (SME) started growing in KL. The street market business and the mobile trading business prospered and mushroomed on the edge of the KL main roads. The SME prosperity created a strong demand for the three-wheeled motorcycles.





• The 4-wheeled motorcycle for the handicapped people

• The Side Car - motorcycle for the mobile business people

The success of the three-wheeled motorcycle venture led to the new creation of the four-wheeled motorcycle for the new market target – handicapped and disabled motorcyclists. The four-wheeled motorcycle venture brought the handicapped people a new hope for travelling around the town. As a result, more and more bikers started recognizing and appreciating Kok Motor as a specialist in pioneering and creating the three and four-wheeled motorcycle market for the SME business people and the handicapped bikers.

Kuoh’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit ultimately led Kok Motor to a new level of business enterprise. Kok Motor successfully patented the techniques of manufacturing the three and four-wheeled motorcycles and thereby became the first manufacturer in providing these new types of specialized motorcycles in Malaysia. Consequently Kok Motor received more and more orders from all over the nation for the three and four-wheeled motorcycles. The strong demand ultimately created a strong resource of cash flow and income for Kok Motor’s future growth and expansion.

After 10 years in manufacturing and providing the three and four wheeled motorcycles, Kok Motor had massively accumulating and creating wealth and strong customer base. Kuoh started expanding his existing business activities by venturing in new and used motorcycle trading business by providing financing and insurance services. The financing services created another strong resource of income and cash flow for developing and growing Kok Motor’s business activities.

1983-2008: Rebirth

Boon Siew Honda started franchising its Honda motorcycle business and looking for qualified dealers for regional Honda dealership in Malaysia. Kok Motor’s strong reputation and solid financial background appealed to Honda Boon Siew. Luckily and successfully Kok Motor became the first batch of Honda dealers in Kuala Lumpur. At that time Honda was the strongest brand in motorcycle market in Malaysia. Thereby the Honda dealership secured Kok Motor with a stable supply of motorcycle with great quality.

In 1985, Kok Motor successfully acquired its second motorcycle dealership with Hong Leong Yamaha. Yamaha was the second strong manufacturer in Malaysia. In 1988, Kok Motor again successfully acquired another Japanese motorcycle dealership with Lion Suzuki. At that time, Suzuki was the third strong manufacturer in Malaysia.

In 1997, Modenas was born as the first national local motorcycle manufacturer in Malaysia. During the Asian financial crisis in 1998, Modenas created a miracle in Malaysian motorcycle industry. Due to its low cost and great quality Modenas successfully overtook the Japanese manufacturers and became the number one best-selling motorcycle brand in Malaysia. Kok Motor was honoured and granted the first batch of Modenas dealer in KL, Wilayah Persekutuan.

In 2008, Kok Motor started operating its first branch in Selangor – the sate with the second biggest motorcycle market in Malaysia. The location was Selayang in which had a growing population of middle and low income group.

Today the business of the Company has expanded to include motorcycle trading business, motorcycle maintenance and repair, spare parts and accessories business, Easy Payment schemes, insurance and road tax business, general merchandise and other services.



FOCUS - KM started building up a customer base by focusing on simple maintenance and repair service business.

DIFFERENTIATION - KM differentiated itself by creating a niche market of 3-wheeled and 4-wheeled motorcycles.

DIVERSIFAICATION - KM diversified the product range and ventured into different business areas.