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Monday, 03 Oct 2022

Yamaha FZ 150i

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The Yamaha FZ150i is a small capacity sport bikes made by Yamaha Motor. It was launched in Malaysia on January 2008 at First World Hotel, Genting Highlands as the first completely knocked down (CKD) bike to be fuel-injected in Malaysian motorcycle market.

The FZ150i is powered by a 150cc, liquid-cooled single cylinder engine, with an output of 15 PS at 8,500 rpm. This falls just a little short of the CBR150Rs 19PS at 10,500 rpm. Torque however, is nearly identical with the FZ150i producing 13.1 Newton-Metres at 7,500 rpm whereas the CBR150R pumps out 13.5 Nm at 8,500 rpm. Well have to test both bikes back-to-back to see which one is more rideable.The FX150is powerplant seems very similar to the Yamaha 135LC, but the larger 149.7 cc displacement appears to come from a bore up. The FX150i has a 57 x 58.7 mm bore x stroke.

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Brek Cakera
Cengkaman kaliper 2 pot untuk meningkatkan keselamatan dan daya membrek yang lebih mantap.

Roda Tuang
Roda tuang sporty untuk tunggangan yang mantap dan selesa.

Lampu Depan Sporty
Lampu depan sporty baru untuk mempertingkatkan daya penglihatan.

Reka bentuk dan gaya sporty.

Delta Box
Boleh didapati hanya pada model-model 'Super Sports' Yamaha, kerangka yang mempunyai imbangan optimum ini memberikan tunggangan yang selesa dan stabil.

Suspensi Monocross
Mengurangkan ketidakselasaan gegaran di bahagian belakang untuk memberikan prestasi kawalan di jalan raya yang luar biasa di samping penunggangan yang lebih selesa.



Overall length x width x height
2,000 x 705 x 1,035 mm
Seat Height
770 mm
Wheel base
1,282 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance
167 mm
Dry weight/ Curb weight
114 kg
Fuel oil capacity
12.0 litres
Clutch type
Wet, multiple-disc
constant mesh 5-speed
Cooling system
Brake front / rear
Single disc brake / Drum Brake