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Monday, 03 Oct 2022


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The new ER-6n takes the key concepts of its highly acclaimed predecessor Ė Fun to ride. Easy to ride for a wide range of riders. Top-class styling Ė and brings them to the next level.

When the ER-6n first made its debut three years ago, it offered the market a unique combination of performance, accessibility and stunning good looks. More mature, the new ER-6n improves on this combination while maintaining the key character of its predecessor.

The most apparent change is the sharper, more aggressive new styling. The curved lines of the original ER-6nís unique design are replaced by angular, edged contours. The overall image of the new ER-6n is more active: all lines move forward, giving the bike a crouching appearance. 

The characteristic trellis frame and offset laydown rear shock remain, but the frame has been completely redesigned with even greater attention to detail giving the new bike an even higher quality finish.

The ER-6nís amiable nature is apparent from the moment the rider gets on the bike. The natural riding position and ergonomics benefit from a revised seat that makes the reach to the ground even easier. Tweaks to the engine result in smoother response, especially at low-mid rpm; riders will find the more linear quality non-intimidating. Further, revisions to rigidity balance and suspension settings, and the addition of rubber mounts result in reduced vibration and lighter handling, enabling the ER-6n to improve on the comfort and rider-friendly handling qualities of its predecessor.

The ER-6nís lighter handling and rider-friendly ergonomics also make it fun to ride. The 649cc, liquid-cooled Parallel Twin engineís torquey character is ideal for riding either in town or down country roads. A quicker-revving nature adds to riding excitement and the increased linearity offers a level of control that can easily be exploited for sporty riding. With the new ER-6n, Kawasaki renews its commitment to offer the sheer enjoyment that motorcycling represents to the widest possible audience.


While maintaining the distinctive character of its predecessor, the new ER-6n gets sharper, more muscular bodywork, giving it a more ďactiveĒ and aggressive image. Curved lines are replaced with angular ones, and all lines move forward, giving the bike a crouching appearance. Simple in design, the new ER-6n avoids all superfluous design flourishes; lines were made to flow as long as possible. The new, taller fuel tank, pulledback shrouds and sharp tail cowl make the bike look more compact front-to-back. Attention to the smallest details contributes to the new bikeís high-quality finish.

The balance of compact size and good power offered by the original ER-6n was the key to its success. To fit into its trim package, an In-line Four would have been too wide and a V-Twin too long. The only engine design that offered both good power characteristics and the requisite compactness was a Parallel Twin. While maintaining this balance, the new engine gets a number of tweaks that offer smoother low-mid response and a quicker revving character.

The key to the ER-6nís compact size is its amazingly compact Parallel Twin engine, which permits the use of a narrow, lightweight frame. The result is a bike with the dimensions of a 400 and the power of a 650 that welcomes beginners with a ďCome on, letís go for a ride!Ē attitude, while also offering plenty of performance for more experienced riders. Changes to the frame, swingarm and suspension result in reduced vibration and lighter handling, making the new ER-6n more accessible than ever.